Visual Arts Fair

Shopping Melancía, 2019.

With deep gratitude, I feel fulfilled for being one of the youngest to have participated and transited along with 35 great exponents of local and international art. I appreciate the hard work of the curatorship for the realization of the fair, carried out during the week of March 17 to 24, 2019.


At the fair, artists exhibited paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and photographs.

Photography credits: Ricardo Carneiro

Digital Art

Granada´s Café, 2018.

Exhibition of framed digital paintings carried out in a renowned cafeteria in the city of Santana do Livramento, Brazil. An exhibition was made with the illustrations "The Mist", "Caleb McLaughlin", "Queen", "OKRA" and "Red Star".

Digital Art (Grupal)

Museo de Artes Plásticas de Rivera, 2017.

Exhibition of varied digital paintings in conjunction with Estéfano Farías, artist from Rivera.

Photography credits: Ricardo Carneiro

Digital Caricatures

Liceo Nº7, 2016.

Caricatures of teachers exhibition, carried out as a final year project in the diversified baccalaureate of 6th Architecture.

Digital Art

Escuela Técnica Superior de Rivera (UTU), 2016.

Exhibition of varied digital paintings.